Theodore B.

I dropped my 70 year old Hamilton 992B pocket watch and broke the balance staff. Mr. Ilyashov was able to order the part and do the repair. The very next day I had my watch back and it was ticking like new. You can’t put a price and that kind of service and...


I dropped off my watch for battery replacement and a band expansion, and he did a great job. He shoots it to you straight. He’ll tell you everybody else’s price, and he’ll beat it. Good guy to trust.


I brought my Invicta Model 4142 in to have my dials repaired. He fixed the dials in a matter of minutes. The normal price to fix this type of watch is about $70. He only charged me $35. Thank you so much.


No one in New York wanted to repair my Vostok watches. For him, no problem at all. Fast, professional, and very reasonably priced. None better!


Yakov fixed my pocketwatch for only $15 when nobody else would, and in only 5 minutes.